Ultimate Guide to Internet Marketing for Small Business

Ultimate Guide to Internet Marketing for Small Business

Running a small business or having limited marketing resources, internet marketing is the best way you should never overlook; even if not on the trot an online business. Don’t forget most of your local audience is online in today’s new age of the internet. Ignoring online marketing could be the greatest mistake for your business. Even with small budget internet marketing services can get you effective, efficient and lucrative results. Delve into the ultimate guide on how you can overcome this challenge.

Develop an Innovative Online Presence – Not having an online business doesn’t mean you should not be active online. People usually fetch information online to help themselves overcome their concerns. It is a necessity to let people the opportunity to learn about your services and offerings online. A small retail shop, for example, usually doesn’t sell products online. A big shop, on the other side, knows how important is it to introduce information to online customers in view to increase sales. Leaving a shop, customers usually go online to research about the business, its product or its services and clear up their concerns. Quite often, they visit the company’s website comparing it with the competitors. Such queries can sometimes draw the purchase to your competitor. So, if you think your company doesn’t need any investment in online advertisements or marketing, make sure that you have an impressive website as a major informant to your customers.

Grab Leads if Not Running an Online Business – Don’t get slump over believing that having interest in your product people will give you a buzz at your location. They are now not afraid of sharing out their information online. Shouldn’t you make most of it? You can make audience fill out a form which you can maintain as a lead you can follow up on and promote your service or inviting them for your next big sale. So, grab the leads and don’t look back again.

Make Digital Ads –Social media might not be the best source of sales, but it a perfect source to get involved with a local online community. Social media platform is the best place where can keep an eye on what the people are talking about and interested in. Get connected with a local online community; create a banner and display it on your local online community. Might not seem cost effective, but a small Facebook ad or a PPC ad can target local users and attract a huge number of local audiences.

Build up Localized Content – Normally the contact information is mentioned only on the Contact Us page. An additional map with cities you serve listed out with cities you serve will be icing on the cake. This will help you attract people from nearby cities and increase the organic traffic. Might be, your business is spread over your neighboring cities; Google doesn’t know! Having an individual page for each city with the title name and a short description will attract more audience locally by sending signals to the search engines.

Encourage Users for Review – Reviews help with rankings that can if positive, further lead audience down the conversion way. Usually, local businesses have a countless number of satisfied customers. Unfortunately, most of these happy customers don’t go that extra mile to give their reviews. And, unsatisfied customers in a huge number would never miss out to post their negative reviews. So, encourage your customer to give their honest reviews through social media; might be on Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. this will surely help.

Be Creative

Marketing and Advertising are mediocre in today’s day and age. Social Platforms are used for social media marketing; SEM goes with Google and Bing, and moreover, PR marketing is done through top-notch online news mines. Advertising and marketing campaigns usually follow a common pattern. Therefore, a small business or a start-up requires being more creative. Creativity is important to be noticed. Being a small business, you don’t need to go through various levels of management before getting your service approved. Being creative will be a great advantage. Lionize your business with being creative.

To the Conclusion

Marketing is not at all easy, but expensive and quite risky. Believe in yourself and be assertive with your product and business model. Never underestimate what internet marketing agencies can do for your business. Even if you are an offline brand, online marketing will be a key to your success.


Things to Keep in Mind While Developing a Website for Professionals like Real Estate Agents

Professional Web Designer for Real Estate Agent

The online landscape is teeming with sites for every niche sector. To rise above this competition for grabbing unparalleled monetizing opportunities, you need to organize your professional site on proven and innovative lines.

Websites for professionals are a reflection of their commitments and the desire to offer something more and unique to customers. If the spirit of your site is to influence and motivate leads to be genuine and superlative options, your site design needs to complement this intention.

Brainstorming over the key ingredients to be essentially included in a professional site can be a tricky affair. This blog post eases you out of this dilemma by providing invaluable tips that can endear you to prospects effortlessly.

We would assist you with the designing fundamentals from the perspective of real estate:-

1. Landing Page Needs to be Appealing

Websites for Real Estate agents are avenues for prospective buyers to secure optimum returns on their investments in land or home. Visitors rarely would go through the entire landing page word by word. You need to appeal to their emotive quotients with relevant pictures, visual cues, call to action, site navigation map, and larger texts. Everything needs to be carefully done to avoid distraction. Search bar for seeking out real estate options in various Canadian provinces needs to be compulsorily put on top.

2. Articulate Your Call to Action

You may lose long-term customers by making your site excessively aesthetic with icons. The intent of your site is to secure more business. Stick to that only. Value addition is first preference of visitors. Merely a link to a relevant page may not go down well with many prospects. Instead, underline the link with specific directions like ‘click here to book’ to inspire leads to explore your site more. Contact forms are a must to facilitate leads in booking appointments, seeking more information, and sign up for updates. Your contact information should be clearly visible on home page.

3. Post Relevant Information Only

Leads land on your page to consummate a deal. Serve them all the expedients on a platter. Once the real estate search is over for a particular lead, he/ she would think about securing easy finance at affordable rates. Alleviate this problem with intuitive placement of site links to walk the lead through the entire process of property procurement seamlessly. Never hesitate to seek the specialized intervention of reputed web designing company for real estate agents. Designers of such companies are well versed with levers that galvanize leads.

4. Offer Different Perspectives to Search

Drab content can only secure you leads that are serious buyers. If you want to capture the imagination of casual visitors, you need to utilize the immense potential of powerful software interventions. Realistically portray your offerings with 3D visualizations, stunning real-life images of locality and other amenities, artificial intelligence options that navigate lead through the property and acquaint them with atmospherics. 3D software also allows prospects to visualize the settings of the room from various perspectives. Embedded videos also allow leads to getting a real-time feel.

5. Offer Comprehensive Domain-Wide Search Experience

In November’17, new real estate listings in Toronto area has gone up by 37.2% compared to November’16. This surge in demand should get reflected from your site. Leads prefer to have a panoramic view of the market from one source. If you can provide them with domain-wide listing search-ability by rising above your limited business interests, you are sure to earn their loyalties. This is where the services of best web development company Toronto come to play a major role. The experts are acquainted with market dynamics and make the same reflect through eclectic search capabilities.

By factoring in the elements above and blending them with your own insights, you can have professional web pages that persuade and extract desirable action from leads. More searches would propel your site up the SERP ranking and bring in constant business.

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App Development Costing: The Best Blueprint to Identify the Right Cost

Mobile App Development Cost

Google Play had about 3.3 million apps as of March 2017 whereas App Store, Apple’s store for iPhone users had approximately 2.2 million. As the numbers are growing every day, it has become inevitable that companies look towards investing in developing apps which is one of the best ways to engage customers.

But there are several aspects, which a company has to take into account before deciding on designing an app, one of the most crucial elements is its cost. The cost of designing an app would vary based on the complexity of the design, the features offered and also the firm developing it.

Let us have a look at the different types of apps in the market today and analyze in detail the various aspects of app development.

Types of Apps: How to Select Based on the Requirements

There are two types of Apps- Native or Hybrid apps.

In terms of user experience, native apps are way ahead of hybrid apps. But, let’s evaluate on the basis of usage. Native apps are built for specific operating systems like android or ios, which means they would make the best use of all the internal features of the phone.

Comparatively, hybrid apps are built on a web platform wrapped in a native framework, using languages like HTML and Javascript. Though they work on different operating systems, they do not have the same functionality level and load much slower. If a company can invest 6 months of time on app development, native apps are the best bet. They have the best performance, high security and also provide good user experience.

APIs: The Most Inclined Interfaces

Application Programming Interfaces(APIs) are used for communication between apps. The two most popularly used APIs are discussed below:-

REST(Representational State Transfer) makes use of simple protocols like URI(Uniform Resource Identifiers) and HTTP protocols.It uses a single uniform interface, is optimized for the web and has terrific performance.

Whereas, when we look at SOAP(Simple Object Access Protocol), it has its own protocol, which is a little complex to design. They have tighter security, reliable messaging functionality and greater integrity of the databases. Most App developers are inclined towards a RESTful architecture.

Screen design: MultiScreen Utility

While designing an app, it is necessary to make it compatible with multiple screens, ranging from small mobile screens to big television sets. But simply making it available in different screen formats is not enough, it is also equally important to make it optimised for each screen format. It is necessary to adapt to different screen sizes, screen densities, and adaptive UI flows. While getting involved in app development, it is necessary first to predict the target audience, telling us whether multi-screens are viable.

The Real Question: How Much An App Could Cost?

The answer is understandably the most argued one. A lot of factors come into picture while we go into the pricing of an app. We will discuss a few of them:

  1. Cost based on small firms or agencies or the app-development firms: Apps built by the largest app companies may cost between $500,000 to $1,000,000. An agency could do the same thing for about $150,000 to $450,000. Smaller shops with 2-3 people could charge you $50,000 to $100,000.
  2. Simple apps which are built only on a single platform could cost as low as $25,000 whereas more complex apps can go up to a staggering $1,000,000.
  3. Apps can be built with or without a server component or API integration. But using server component or API integration does not necessarily increase the cost. There are apps without using these that sometimes cost 6 figures. Mostly it all comes down to the specific feature set of a particular app.

So while thinking about developing an app, all or most of the factors mentioned in this article need to be worked on. But most importantly, research on the target audience, that will answer the basic requirements of the app.

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Grow Your Business with Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses are forced to work out right strategies to keep up in the present-day’s online marketing platform. Businesses dream up various digital marketing strategies attempting to capture a lucrative online marketplace. It not only provides the best chance for the business growth but also grants the chance to brush off competition. Below listed words will help you recognize how digital marketing services can help your business grow. Digital Marketing-

Is Economical
Many businesses, specifically small and startups, lack of necessary funds required for their daily expenses. Most of them survive through loans or overdrafts. Some of them have funds scarcely to pay their staff, where they could barely keep their hands in pockets for marketing. The cheaper source here would be digital marketing. Whether through search engines or social media platforms, you can consequently modify your budget and manage your digital campaign by, for example, setting up a free social media page; say on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Creates easy Interaction with Audiences
Communication is very important to develop trust between businesses and their audiences. Online marketing is the best tool that enables your business to interact with your valued customers in the twinkling of an eye. It helps you get an idea about customer’s requirement and thus enables you to modify your products and satisfy your customer’s needs. This way online marketing can lead to customer satisfaction by developing a healthy business relationship with them, and make you gain the trust and loyalty required for your business growth.

Equalizes the Online Marketing Field
Formerly, a digital marketing agency was hired only by multinational businesses that had adequate financial resources to invest in online marketing campaigns. And today, the advancement in technology has enabled online marketing on our fingertips. This being said, digital marketing assures a wide coverage and gets in contact with a countless number of people when a company markets its business through this approach. It facilitates businesses to communicate and get connected with multiple customers across the globe, even without hiring a well-set call center or an additional workforce.

Earns Trust of the People
Businesses, nowadays, are having a personalized interaction with their customers without having a face-to-face conversation. Now, people are enabled to get accurate information straight from the company. Due to this direct interaction, businesses are earning the trust of their targeted audience. Moreover, the reviews and testimonials from past customers who have already experienced the company’s product or service encourage the future possible customers to have trust in the offerings.

Delivers Conversion
The success of digital marketing is based on the number of incoming traffic that is converted effectively into leads and then sales. There are certain online tools to measure this success. This conversion helps businesses measure whether their marketing strategies are working well or not. Moreover, people are now evolving their marketing campaigns with the help of different tools eligible to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing; like – Google Analytics.

Provides better Return on Your Marketing Investments
It has been researched that digital marketing services provide a better Return on Investment in comparison with traditional marketing. After channeling plenty of energy and resources into advertising your product or service, the result you will experience will be vague and difficult to measure. This means you will not get the true ROI. Yes, traditional marketing is indeed manageable for big enterprises since they are already established and bear adequate finances.

Helps generate higher revenue
As worded before online marketing delivers conversion and higher conversion rates usually provides more business and as a corollary higher revenue. Researchers claim that businesses that opt for online marketing experience a good revenue growth than those that did not adopt the strategy. Moreover, businesses bound up digitally most likely root for the opportunities of new employment. Also, businesses adopting digital marketing expand their offers not only in local markets but into international markets as well in comparison with the companies that turn up with no online presence. And, this further leads to more business and thus higher revenue.

Also, caters to the mobile users
Today, we are in the day and age of smartphones where mobile phones have become a walking computer; smaller in size and can fit in any pocket. Moreover, mobile internet has become a trend of spreading information and communication. Step into this sector by adopting strategies intended for mobile phones. Facilitate your prospective customers make their purchases on their fingertips.

Ultimately, digital marketing is something you should not overlook. If you have not yet experienced this tool, it is the right time to be in charge. Moreover, adopt digital marketing since you aim to survive and stay relevant in today’s fast-paced world.

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Responsive Web Design: The Art of Media Queries

In this dynamically growing digital world, Responsive Web Design becomes highly essential. Users visit your website from an array of devices and browsers, but the problem arises if your website fails to respond to any of them. That problem can be handled with the help of Responsive Web Design Technique.

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What is Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design makes sure that your website works for all the devices and browsers of different size and resolution. It also assures that your website is smart enough to resize and adapt itself according to the type of device it is rendered to.

In the age of increasing smartphone usage, web design companies design and develop websites in a way that they are optimized to be used on iPad, iPhone, Android and other platforms. Professional web designers and variou platforms such as Wordpess- a web design company, use Responsive Web Design to provide a better user experience.

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How does it work

Let’s have a look at Web Design Application created by Ethan Marcotte – who is also the first person who defined Responsive Web Design.

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As you can see in above image, every single piece of content on the website renders perfectly, irrespective of the device’s screen resolution or size.

The professional web designers should know how to leverage fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images and media, and CSS Media Queries to create a responsive website.

Flexible Layout/Fluid Grid uses proportional sizes to fit to every page, Flexible Images and Media uses CSS to make sure that images or media do not overflow out of their containing elements, and Lastly, the most effective one – CSS3 Media Queries are used to detect browser resolution and act accordingly.

The Art of Media Queries in Responsive Web Design

Media Query is a CSS3 technique that allows a web page to use different CSS styles based on factors such as screen-resolution, view port, device size, and orientation. These factors are termed as media rules.

Basically, a media query consists of a media type and can contain one or more expression which resolve to either true or false.

  1. Media Type defines the type of media or device on which the particular CSS rule should be applied to. There are four options of media type – all, print, screen, and speech. Mainly the media-type “screen” is used which includes tablets, computer screens and smartphones.
  2. Expressions/ Media Feature helps to further target devices based on different device features such as width and height. The ones which are used more often for Responsive Web Design are max-width, min-width, max-height, and min-height.
  3. CSS Style Rules are the CSS rules listed inside the curly braces of media query.

Let’s consider media query examples for different viewports:


As you can see in media queries above, all of them have: media type as “screen” for various types of devices, media expressions as min-width and max-width, and curly braces which include CSS styles for a particular query.

There is another way of using media query using link tag as follows:

<link rel=”stylesheet type=”text/css media=”screen and (max-device-width: 480px) href=”css_classname.css” />

Though here it becomes a tedious task to write media queries for all devices you support for your web application. It’s preferable to use the inline style.


To sum up all, Responsive Web Design acts as a foundation for your presence on the web, handling a wide range of scenarios smoothly. It not only makes your website work well on different devices but also helps you stay ahead of the competition in the world of digitization. With increased mobile usage, the technique of Responsive Web Design is also improving every day.

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All about creating a Strong Social Media Presence for Small Businesses

Social Media

The world has come a long way in going digital, yet 24% of small businesses do not use social media. If you belong to this group, it is high time that you change your perspective.

2 in every 3 adults are on social media across the world.

81% of the teenagers in the world have social media profiles.

Whatever may be the age group of your target audience, you will find them all on social media. You can create brand awareness, build relationships and drive sales for your small business, through social media.

Social media presence is cost-effective for small businesses. You can grow your advertising opportunities exponentially and energize your PR efforts. The best part is that you don’t have to spend too much of money or time to do this.

An effective social media strategy can create miracles for your business. Therefore it is important to use social media the right way.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while creating a social media presence for your business:

Creating a business page

Just as an individual creates a profile on social media, every business needs to create its own social media page. A cover image and a profile pic are a must to establish the authenticity of your small business. You might want to fill up details about your business in the About page. The content needs to be descriptive while being keyword-rich.

Updating the business page constantly

Google might have indexed your business page. Nevertheless, unless you update your page constantly, it can get difficult to stay on the search engine result pages for long. Make sure you put up pictures of your team and upload information about offers if any. Apart from this, you can promote your blog posts to drive more traffic and increase visibility.

Making it easier for your target audience to get in touch with you

Engaging with your customers and prospects is the main aim of establishing a social media presence for your small business. Therefore, you should make it as convenient as possible, for your target audience to get in touch with you. Make sure you put up your contact details, including your phone number, email id, business address and website link.

Boosting your posts through paid tools

Any post that you promote on your social media page can be seen only by your followers. However, Facebook offers excellent paid tools to boost your posts. With the help of such tools, you can make sure your posts get maximum visibility, in a cost-effective way. You can specify your target audience by selecting the age group, gender, demographics, and interests.


Social media offers a treasure of benefits to help you grow your small business. In fact, this could be your easiest route to reach the pinnacle of success. So, get started on creating your social media business page. Work on establishing a strong social media presence before your competitors get ahead of you.

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Why hiring a SEO company fetches better results as against hiring a Freelancer?

Hiring SEO Company

As a product or service company, you are finally ready to take your business to the Internet and sell your products or services online. Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is a proven digital marketing method that can not only improve your website traffic, but also improve your search ranking and user experience (UX) optimization, along with generating more sales leads.

Most business leaders face the question of implementing SEO practices for their companies either through:

This article discusses why hiring the services of a reputed SEO company is more beneficial than employing a full-time or freelancing team of SEO professionals. Here are the benefits:

1. Improving Website visibility

Improving your website visibility requires more than simply adding a few relevant search engine keywords. If your website is not listed on the first page of a Google or Yahoo search, potential customers cannot be directed towards your products or services.
Irrespective of your industry domain or competition levels, a professional SEO company has the expertise and experience of implementing techniques that can improve your website visibility without making a huge reduction in your marketing budget. The experience across various industries and multiple client, enables SEO companies to achieve this goal much faster.

2. SEO Maintenance

Implementing SEO is not a one-time project or initiative, but involves an ongoing strategy to achieve desired results for any company. Professional SEO companies look for a long-term business relationship with their clients, and deliver SEO maintenance through evaluation of website statistics, refining the SEO action plan, along with tracking the progress with the use of analytical tools.
With continuous improvement in search engine algorithms, your website needs regular maintenance and optimization to maintain or improve its search engine ranking.

3. Hiring Costs

Hiring the services of an SEO company as a partner in your digital marketing initiative is more cost-effective than having an in-house team or tying up with freelancers. An experienced SEO professional (full-time or freelance) would require an annual budget of anywhere between $60,000 to $110,000, along with the cost of other team members, training, desk space, and other equipment. On the other hand, a well-established SEO company would require a yearly investment of $48,000 to $84,000.

SEO Costs

Despite the popularity of SEO practices, most company executives are not conversant with these concepts and their technical details. Hence, evaluating the “SEO skills” of any recruit would be difficult to accomplish, as compared to opting for the services of the SEO company that is right for your business model.

SEO companies already possess a team of experienced professionals, who have the required SEO knowledge to assist with your digital marketing campaign on an immediate basis.

4. No One-Size-Fits-All solution

Good SEO companies do not offer a one-size-fits-all solution to all their customers, but customize their offering based on the specific SEO requirements and business objective of the individual companies.

One of the key requirements of any business’s marketing campaign is to be scalable and inclined towards new experiments and drive more conversions. The ability to scale your campaign with the right talent comes in with SEO companies. They save your time in choosing each talent for any role, the capabilities with freelancers regarding the scalability of any campaign is limited. Working with freelancers would also ask you to make teams of multiple freelancers and get into micromanagement, while with SEO companies all you need to work on is the perfect strategy to scale business. You can trust SEO companies to scale your website traffic while you focus on other business operations.

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