Best examples of E-Commerce sites built using WooCommerce and Magento

WooCommerce vs Magento

WooCommerce is synonymous with those wanting to set-up their stores online without much fuss, and rightly so. It’s simple, easy to set-up, and most importantly – it’s free. Magento too is easy to use at very minimal costs. Both these platforms offer unduly advantages, but the one that strikes everyone’s chords is that they are both open source products; which makes it relatively easy to build upon them and customise them heavily. It’s a win-win.

Because they are open source products, the community support is massive. For anybody who’d like to set a shop, an abundance of support would naturally prove to be the best deciding factor, other than the ease of use. Furthermore, both these platforms let you list an unlimited number of products, while also letting you manage them efficiently.

It comes as no surprise then that majority of the online community depend on these two platforms for their sales. It isn’t only limited to the online community, but many established corporations have also taken up these platforms for managing online sales effectively. Here are a few:

The North Face

Platform: Magento

The North Face

Taking Magento a step ahead, The North Face is known as an outdoor brand, famous among adventurists and hikers alike. Magento allows you to heavily customise the source code further, helping you with cross-selling and upselling your products. The North Face does this exceptionally well, utilising what Magento has to offer and then customising it according to their niche market.

Duracell Lighting

Platform: WooCommerce

Duracell Lighting

Recognised as one of the most innovative brands for single-use and renewable charging technologies, Duracell uses WooCommerce for their website and product catalogue. With a good use of additional plugins, Duracell has managed to make their website professional as well as easy to navigate.

Harper’s Bazaar

Platform: Magento

Harpers Bazaar

Using the Magento Enterprise platform, Harper’s Bazaar is America’s first fashion magazine that forayed into online shopping not long ago. Keeping the site subtle and simple, in-line with their brand offering, they’ve managed to remarkably utilise what Magento has to offer. Bespoken call-to-actions stand out, along with well integrated SEO-friendly content. Notice how the blog too merges well with the shopping portal.


Platform: WooCommerce


Designboom was the first digital magazine focusing solely on design and architecture. Their online portal serves as a curated marketplace allowing designers to sell to other members of the community directly. Serving over 4 million monthly readers, Designboom uses WooCommerce at its most basic, keeping it straightforward and efficient.

With more than a million people using WooCommerce, both it and Magento combined rule more than half the E-commerce world, a testament to their astounding features at next to zero costs. With a brilliant community backing, both these platforms have made it easier for those without any technical know-how to join the online bandwagon and set up shop in just three counts. Selling online has never been as easy as it is today.



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