All about creating a Strong Social Media Presence for Small Businesses

Social Media

The world has come a long way in going digital, yet 24% of small businesses do not use social media. If you belong to this group, it is high time that you change your perspective.

2 in every 3 adults are on social media across the world.

81% of the teenagers in the world have social media profiles.

Whatever may be the age group of your target audience, you will find them all on social media. You can create brand awareness, build relationships and drive sales for your small business, through social media.

Social media presence is cost-effective for small businesses. You can grow your advertising opportunities exponentially and energize your PR efforts. The best part is that you don’t have to spend too much of money or time to do this.

An effective social media strategy can create miracles for your business. Therefore it is important to use social media the right way.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while creating a social media presence for your business:

Creating a business page

Just as an individual creates a profile on social media, every business needs to create its own social media page. A cover image and a profile pic are a must to establish the authenticity of your small business. You might want to fill up details about your business in the About page. The content needs to be descriptive while being keyword-rich.

Updating the business page constantly

Google might have indexed your business page. Nevertheless, unless you update your page constantly, it can get difficult to stay on the search engine result pages for long. Make sure you put up pictures of your team and upload information about offers if any. Apart from this, you can promote your blog posts to drive more traffic and increase visibility.

Making it easier for your target audience to get in touch with you

Engaging with your customers and prospects is the main aim of establishing a social media presence for your small business. Therefore, you should make it as convenient as possible, for your target audience to get in touch with you. Make sure you put up your contact details, including your phone number, email id, business address and website link.

Boosting your posts through paid tools

Any post that you promote on your social media page can be seen only by your followers. However, Facebook offers excellent paid tools to boost your posts. With the help of such tools, you can make sure your posts get maximum visibility, in a cost-effective way. You can specify your target audience by selecting the age group, gender, demographics, and interests.


Social media offers a treasure of benefits to help you grow your small business. In fact, this could be your easiest route to reach the pinnacle of success. So, get started on creating your social media business page. Work on establishing a strong social media presence before your competitors get ahead of you.



Why hiring a SEO company fetches better results as against hiring a Freelancer?

Hiring SEO Company

As a product or service company, you are finally ready to take your business to the Internet and sell your products or services online. Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is a proven digital marketing method that can not only improve your website traffic, but also improve your search ranking and user experience (UX) optimization, along with generating more sales leads.

Most business leaders face the question of implementing SEO practices for their companies either through:

This article discusses why hiring the services of a reputed SEO company is more beneficial than employing a full-time or freelancing team of SEO professionals. Here are the benefits:

1. Improving Website visibility

Improving your website visibility requires more than simply adding a few relevant search engine keywords. If your website is not listed on the first page of a Google or Yahoo search, potential customers cannot be directed towards your products or services.
Irrespective of your industry domain or competition levels, a professional SEO company has the expertise and experience of implementing techniques that can improve your website visibility without making a huge reduction in your marketing budget. The experience across various industries and multiple client, enables SEO companies to achieve this goal much faster.

2. SEO Maintenance

Implementing SEO is not a one-time project or initiative, but involves an ongoing strategy to achieve desired results for any company. Professional SEO companies look for a long-term business relationship with their clients, and deliver SEO maintenance through evaluation of website statistics, refining the SEO action plan, along with tracking the progress with the use of analytical tools.
With continuous improvement in search engine algorithms, your website needs regular maintenance and optimization to maintain or improve its search engine ranking.

3. Hiring Costs

Hiring the services of an SEO company as a partner in your digital marketing initiative is more cost-effective than having an in-house team or tying up with freelancers. An experienced SEO professional (full-time or freelance) would require an annual budget of anywhere between $60,000 to $110,000, along with the cost of other team members, training, desk space, and other equipment. On the other hand, a well-established SEO company would require a yearly investment of $48,000 to $84,000.

SEO Costs

Despite the popularity of SEO practices, most company executives are not conversant with these concepts and their technical details. Hence, evaluating the “SEO skills” of any recruit would be difficult to accomplish, as compared to opting for the services of the SEO company that is right for your business model.

SEO companies already possess a team of experienced professionals, who have the required SEO knowledge to assist with your digital marketing campaign on an immediate basis.

4. No One-Size-Fits-All solution

Good SEO companies do not offer a one-size-fits-all solution to all their customers, but customize their offering based on the specific SEO requirements and business objective of the individual companies.

One of the key requirements of any business’s marketing campaign is to be scalable and inclined towards new experiments and drive more conversions. The ability to scale your campaign with the right talent comes in with SEO companies. They save your time in choosing each talent for any role, the capabilities with freelancers regarding the scalability of any campaign is limited. Working with freelancers would also ask you to make teams of multiple freelancers and get into micromanagement, while with SEO companies all you need to work on is the perfect strategy to scale business. You can trust SEO companies to scale your website traffic while you focus on other business operations.


Are Mobile Apps Indeed Beneficial for a Small Business?

Mobile Apps

We all are addicted towards mobile phones. Research says that the amount of dependency on mobile phones is far too large to be measured. People, in today’s digitized world, check their smart phones numerous times a day for any of their work. Let’s look out the key reasons, why you should indeed invest in mobile application development.

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  • Mobile apps have a great impact in everyday routine.

What do you use the most in your Smartphone? – The camera, maps, music? Well, the answer is ‘applications.’ As of today, the world of apps has expanded enormously. People can now possibly view and experience anything to everything on their smart phones, just by having an appropriate app.

On average, people, spend, more than an hour browsing through their phones. Of course not all apps are frequented every day, but the phones, numerous times, are scrolled, scanned and unlocked for the apps. It can either be a gaming platform, an online shopping portal or any other thing that can fulfill their day-to-day utility needs. We are in the era, where mobile is the best and most convenient source to stay online – any time and any place.

  • Mobile apps are the best direct marketing channels.

Whether you want to book a flight ticket, a hotel room, a table at your favorite restaurant or even if you want to shop clothes, footwear, medicines, grocery or any other thing, you only need to pick up your smart phone and with a few simple clicks you can get them at your door step. This online trend has increased the usage of mobile applications and so there is an ever ending growth in the field of mobile app development.

Mobile apps are the combination of several features that provide the solution for any general information like some product specification, pricing, news feed, booking forms, payment gateway and still more. Additionally, most mobile applications provide a notification service to redirect the customers directly to the product page. This encourages people to buy the product.

  • Mobile apps help businesses stay connected with the customers in real time.

Applications are the best source to reach out the clientele anytime and anywhere, since mobiles are one of the most quintessential gadgets that are carried everywhere. Through apps you can easily broadcast any of your business information or update the audience with real time notifications.

The online era has completely changed the measurement of product choice. Today we don’t think about the quality, but the convenience of purchasing things. Business apps are the best invention to facilitate this and provide a seamless and easy purchase. Through apps we search, select and pay for any product with no fuss. App notifications are mostly taken seriously. So your business application can certainly get you the attention span of people. Remember, quick purchase can for sure add a lot of value for the money spent.

  • Mobile apps gears up brand recognition.

Application is the foremost things to come in front of people’s eyes whenever they unlock their mobile screen. This means whenever needed, people can relate your product or service through your mobile application. Eventually, your business application can increase awareness of your business among the targeted audience, which can further lead to your brand promotion.

Nowadays, people, in a minority visit stores to make sales. Most people have already adopted the online option. They prefer to choose, pay and order online to get the product delivered at their doorsteps with an easy checkout. Being simple and easy to use, apps have won over the traditional websites. Today, applications have become a standard peak of the trade.

  • Mobile apps are the best source to straighten a huge audience base.

Apart from placing ads on social networks, banners, newspapers, or selling coupons, pursuing email marketing, making your business application available to the android, iOS and Windows users is a genuine approach.

Smart phones have overcome the traditional laptops and desktops, since past few years. Consequently, an app can help you reach out to a larger audience group than an eCommerce website or a normal store.

Wrapping up, mobile apps have become a standard platform, but it is very important to see where your app stands in the cut-throat competition. Create something unique for your customers that can call out your pitch and suit your business profile. So, if these words seem considerable and if you have made up your mind to develop a mobile app for your business, the only thing you need to do is partner with a professional mobile app development company. Regardless of the size of your business, the easier reachability and faster adoption rate of mobile apps would add value to your business.


WordPress websites- Custom Design or Theme based, what to choose?


You’ve chosen to build your website using WordPress, adding to the more than 75 million websites already using this platform. A fortifying question for your website arises then; whether you should go with a custom theme completely or base your website on one of the thousand plus free (and premium) themes WordPress has to offer. There have been many healthy discussions around this question. Why wouldn’t there be? You’d like to juice this platform for everything it has to offer, everybody would.

The simple answer to all of this depends on the audience your website would cater to, the traffic you expect, your budget, your resources, and to some extent, even your knowledge. Your website would be your first footprint in today’s digital world and you can’t afford any distortions. The first impression of your website has to be long lasting. Your customers should be able to recollect your website and access it easily. So, which option do you go for? This will help you decide

Affordable Price

Your War-Chest

Numero uno is always the amount of money you’re willing to spend on your website. While a ready-made theme would barely have any effect on your war-chest, a customized theme would run into lakhs, with a requirement of coders and designers. Although a pre-made theme would be cheaper than a customized one, you would be tied to the limits of that particular theme, whereas the customized theme, well can be completely customized to your taste and your brand’s identity.

Your Time

What you must also consider is the amount of time you are willing to allocate to your websites development. A customized theme takes the time to become a reality, with a lot of heavy work usually propping up towards the business end of things. This would make sense for you if your website’s launch is far away and if you can dedicate this amount of time for your website’s development. If the requirement of a website is pressing, you could go for a theme for now.

Traffic to Your Website

Your Audience

Customers too should be considered while deciding which option you choose. An easy-flowing website becomes a necessity when you expect some heavy traffic on it. The pre-styled themes would limit the number of things you can do with your website, thus limiting your customer. If your customers prefer a style not available already, you would require a brand new customized design.

A good idea is to always test the waters before making any firm decisions. If there is one certainty in all this confusion, then it is your need for an SEO-optimized website which is also professional looking. You would need an agency to help you design a custom website for your company, which would also give you an SEO-friendly website. On the other frontier, even if you go for a theme-based design, a web-design company would be required to make it more appealing to the professionals out there and heavily optimize it for SEO.

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Best examples of E-Commerce sites built using WooCommerce and Magento

WooCommerce vs Magento

WooCommerce is synonymous with those wanting to set-up their stores online without much fuss, and rightly so. It’s simple, easy to set-up, and most importantly – it’s free. Magento too is easy to use at very minimal costs. Both these platforms offer unduly advantages, but the one that strikes everyone’s chords is that they are both open source products; which makes it relatively easy to build upon them and customise them heavily. It’s a win-win.

Because they are open source products, the community support is massive. For anybody who’d like to set a shop, an abundance of support would naturally prove to be the best deciding factor, other than the ease of use. Furthermore, both these platforms let you list an unlimited number of products, while also letting you manage them efficiently.

It comes as no surprise then that majority of the online community depend on these two platforms for their sales. It isn’t only limited to the online community, but many established corporations have also taken up these platforms for managing online sales effectively. Here are a few:

The North Face

Platform: Magento

The North Face

Taking Magento a step ahead, The North Face is known as an outdoor brand, famous among adventurists and hikers alike. Magento allows you to heavily customise the source code further, helping you with cross-selling and upselling your products. The North Face does this exceptionally well, utilising what Magento has to offer and then customising it according to their niche market.

Duracell Lighting

Platform: WooCommerce

Duracell Lighting

Recognised as one of the most innovative brands for single-use and renewable charging technologies, Duracell uses WooCommerce for their website and product catalogue. With a good use of additional plugins, Duracell has managed to make their website professional as well as easy to navigate.

Harper’s Bazaar

Platform: Magento

Harpers Bazaar

Using the Magento Enterprise platform, Harper’s Bazaar is America’s first fashion magazine that forayed into online shopping not long ago. Keeping the site subtle and simple, in-line with their brand offering, they’ve managed to remarkably utilise what Magento has to offer. Bespoken call-to-actions stand out, along with well integrated SEO-friendly content. Notice how the blog too merges well with the shopping portal.


Platform: WooCommerce


Designboom was the first digital magazine focusing solely on design and architecture. Their online portal serves as a curated marketplace allowing designers to sell to other members of the community directly. Serving over 4 million monthly readers, Designboom uses WooCommerce at its most basic, keeping it straightforward and efficient.

With more than a million people using WooCommerce, both it and Magento combined rule more than half the E-commerce world, a testament to their astounding features at next to zero costs. With a brilliant community backing, both these platforms have made it easier for those without any technical know-how to join the online bandwagon and set up shop in just three counts. Selling online has never been as easy as it is today.


Why should you have Mobile-Friendly websites

Mobile Friendly Website

A mobile-friendly website is more than just a necessity today. To be successful in this competitive market, it is important you follow your customers. You need to go where they are, bud into their day-to-day activities, trying to improve your brand recall. Mobiles are taking over desktops heavily too, especially when it comes to internet usage. Google recently reported mobiles have taken over desktops in terms of search traffic, a big change for the new century.
When all your customers are using phones to access everything, from payments to movies, it becomes paramount for you to offer that option to your customer. According to Smart Insights, 33% of your customers begin browsing with a branded website, making web content as important.

Checking stuff on the go is very easy, and an option many of your customers already use. Customers are likely to come back to your website too if you have a mobile-friendly website, according to McKinsey & Company. If you do not have a mobile-friendly website, you’re losing out business and customers. They would rather go to your competitor.

Better Customer Access

Your customers want you to go mobile-friendly, mostly because they are either using their phone or tablet to visit your website. With responsive websites and intricate code, you can easily track your customer’s movement on your website, providing you deeper insight into what they like and what they don’t. There’s a good chance that more than 50% of your web traffic will come from Mobile. If you do not have a mobile-friendly website, half of your customers are not serviceable.

Mobile Friendly Test

Better Visibility

Google, too, has made massive changes to its algorithm. Mobile-friendly websites now rank higher on the search engine, potentially improving your visibility. A higher rank definitely ensures a better visibility, while a low score would put you right at the bottom of the pit, on a page never visited by your customer. Google’s own tool helps you check how mobile-friendly your website is.

Better Turnover

While attracting customers to your website and improving your ranking, you are also increasing your business. This goes especially for e-commerce websites, with mobile shopping taking over desktop shopping. A mobile-friendly website would lead to better sales and conversions. A good website would compel customers to come back.

Mobile Shopping Taking

Going mobile-friendly is a necessity, for if you don’t, you might just end up ignoring more than half your customers.
Websites which are not mobile-friendly are quickly becoming defunct, making way for those which are. The new digital age required you to adapt, as it does require out of your customers.


Is Your SEO Company Really Helping You?

You choose an SEO company after going through a real hardship of picking up one out of thousands. Do you really think signing the company you find right is all done? Do you really think you should trust the company expecting your website rankings would reach up high to new heights with their SEO magic? – Actually, no, you shouldn’t!


You should instead observe what the company is doing to raise your ranking. At least during the foremost months after signing the contract. The earlier you can recognize what they are doing, the better chance to get to see whether they are helping or harming your website. Below listed are some signs that can help you know if you’re hired SEO Company could be helpful, or could be a nightmare.

  • The Firm should have something to show you. Not results or ranking. Rather the actual practice they are doing to improve your ranking. SEO is not any easy-to-go process. So, don’t get on pins and needles if you see the expected results within two, three or even six months. Moreover, you just need to make sure that your hired company is doing something with the money you spend. You own the right to observe the SEO audit of your website, the analysis of your business link profile, the contents with the links to your website that are being published on other websites, etc. Whatever may be the case, most importantly you need to have the proof that the company is actually doing something.
  • An SEO service provider, even if well experienced, will need your help. Being a site owner, they will, for example, need to ask you for the editor/admin access to your Content Management System, view/admin access to Google Analytics, access to Google Webmaster Tools and social accounts, a list of target Keywords, etc. If they aren’t asking for anything, this means they are just adding backlinks from the spammy network sites, and are most likely playing potentially unsafe actions.
  • If your hired team of SEO is not communicating with you about certain things, they are either up to something suspicious, or are doing nothing at all. Inexperienced or infamous SEOs might just end up with a bunch of backlinks to your site. They might not be interested in interacting with you; they would rather just try to get you something that would make you think of getting a benefit. To get good success, you require working and communicating with the company and a well experienced and genuine SEO Team will try to maintain a good communication with you.
  • Being curious as to what your SEO team is up to, you should ask them what exactly they are doing. Any awkward responses! You have invested in a scam. And, it is recommendable to give the company a pink slip as early as possible. The best SEO Company involves white hat practices that are valid and proven to get successful results.
  • Being penalized is the worse thing that can happen to your site. You need to be suspicious if you receive GWT notification or an email message notifying manual penalty; especially if you receive it a few months after singing the company. Of course, getting a manual penalty doesn’t mean it is the company’s fault only. But, it can be. Think carefully, and actually find out why actually your site was penalized and what can be done about it.
  • Various things can be responsible for rankings drop. Keep an eye on your rankings. If your ranking is declining steadily, most possibly your SEO team is performing irrelevant actions that might get or are getting your site algorithmically penalized. Find out what actually they team is doing. If you experience any suspicious feeling, stop them.
  • A sudden drop in online traffic is again a bad thing that could be a sign of an algorithmic penalty. It might not be your SEO’s fault, but, being suspicious; you should ask them and find out any algorithm changes that could have resulted in traffic decline. Also check what changes have been made to your site in the past few days leading up the fall. Overall, find out the exact picture of what actions have been taken by your hired SEO firm.
  • Be clear with your target keywords. You should have an idea about how your keywords are driving traffic or ranking in the search engine result pages. You really need to be cautious if your site is gaining traffic from wrong keywords or if your site ranking stop or declines for those highly ranked keywords. Your purpose of hiring an SEO team is to earn targeted traffic. So, if, for any reason, the traffic is derived from random or suspicious queries, it could be a sign of indiscriminate or careless work of the team.

The success of your online business is based on the SEO. Therefore, it is very important to hand over the project the best SEO Company. Being truly concerned about your business, give SEO proper attention and asset it deserves.