Why hiring a SEO company fetches better results as against hiring a Freelancer?

Hiring SEO Company

As a product or service company, you are finally ready to take your business to the Internet and sell your products or services online. Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is a proven digital marketing method that can not only improve your website traffic, but also improve your search ranking and user experience (UX) optimization, along with generating more sales leads.

Most business leaders face the question of implementing SEO practices for their companies either through:

This article discusses why hiring the services of a reputed SEO company is more beneficial than employing a full-time or freelancing team of SEO professionals. Here are the benefits:

1. Improving Website visibility

Improving your website visibility requires more than simply adding a few relevant search engine keywords. If your website is not listed on the first page of a Google or Yahoo search, potential customers cannot be directed towards your products or services.
Irrespective of your industry domain or competition levels, a professional SEO company has the expertise and experience of implementing techniques that can improve your website visibility without making a huge reduction in your marketing budget. The experience across various industries and multiple client, enables SEO companies to achieve this goal much faster.

2. SEO Maintenance

Implementing SEO is not a one-time project or initiative, but involves an ongoing strategy to achieve desired results for any company. Professional SEO companies look for a long-term business relationship with their clients, and deliver SEO maintenance through evaluation of website statistics, refining the SEO action plan, along with tracking the progress with the use of analytical tools.
With continuous improvement in search engine algorithms, your website needs regular maintenance and optimization to maintain or improve its search engine ranking.

3. Hiring Costs

Hiring the services of an SEO company as a partner in your digital marketing initiative is more cost-effective than having an in-house team or tying up with freelancers. An experienced SEO professional (full-time or freelance) would require an annual budget of anywhere between $60,000 to $110,000, along with the cost of other team members, training, desk space, and other equipment. On the other hand, a well-established SEO company would require a yearly investment of $48,000 to $84,000.

SEO Costs

Despite the popularity of SEO practices, most company executives are not conversant with these concepts and their technical details. Hence, evaluating the “SEO skills” of any recruit would be difficult to accomplish, as compared to opting for the services of the SEO company that is right for your business model.

SEO companies already possess a team of experienced professionals, who have the required SEO knowledge to assist with your digital marketing campaign on an immediate basis.

4. No One-Size-Fits-All solution

Good SEO companies do not offer a one-size-fits-all solution to all their customers, but customize their offering based on the specific SEO requirements and business objective of the individual companies.

One of the key requirements of any business’s marketing campaign is to be scalable and inclined towards new experiments and drive more conversions. The ability to scale your campaign with the right talent comes in with SEO companies. They save your time in choosing each talent for any role, the capabilities with freelancers regarding the scalability of any campaign is limited. Working with freelancers would also ask you to make teams of multiple freelancers and get into micromanagement, while with SEO companies all you need to work on is the perfect strategy to scale business. You can trust SEO companies to scale your website traffic while you focus on other business operations.

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Is Your SEO Company Really Helping You?

You choose an SEO company after going through a real hardship of picking up one out of thousands. Do you really think signing the company you find right is all done? Do you really think you should trust the company expecting your website rankings would reach up high to new heights with their SEO magic? – Actually, no, you shouldn’t!


You should instead observe what the company is doing to raise your ranking. At least during the foremost months after signing the contract. The earlier you can recognize what they are doing, the better chance to get to see whether they are helping or harming your website. Below listed are some signs that can help you know if you’re hired SEO Company could be helpful, or could be a nightmare.

  • The Firm should have something to show you. Not results or ranking. Rather the actual practice they are doing to improve your ranking. SEO is not any easy-to-go process. So, don’t get on pins and needles if you see the expected results within two, three or even six months. Moreover, you just need to make sure that your hired company is doing something with the money you spend. You own the right to observe the SEO audit of your website, the analysis of your business link profile, the contents with the links to your website that are being published on other websites, etc. Whatever may be the case, most importantly you need to have the proof that the company is actually doing something.
  • An SEO service provider, even if well experienced, will need your help. Being a site owner, they will, for example, need to ask you for the editor/admin access to your Content Management System, view/admin access to Google Analytics, access to Google Webmaster Tools and social accounts, a list of target Keywords, etc. If they aren’t asking for anything, this means they are just adding backlinks from the spammy network sites, and are most likely playing potentially unsafe actions.
  • If your hired team of SEO is not communicating with you about certain things, they are either up to something suspicious, or are doing nothing at all. Inexperienced or infamous SEOs might just end up with a bunch of backlinks to your site. They might not be interested in interacting with you; they would rather just try to get you something that would make you think of getting a benefit. To get good success, you require working and communicating with the company and a well experienced and genuine SEO Team will try to maintain a good communication with you.
  • Being curious as to what your SEO team is up to, you should ask them what exactly they are doing. Any awkward responses! You have invested in a scam. And, it is recommendable to give the company a pink slip as early as possible. The best SEO Company involves white hat practices that are valid and proven to get successful results.
  • Being penalized is the worse thing that can happen to your site. You need to be suspicious if you receive GWT notification or an email message notifying manual penalty; especially if you receive it a few months after singing the company. Of course, getting a manual penalty doesn’t mean it is the company’s fault only. But, it can be. Think carefully, and actually find out why actually your site was penalized and what can be done about it.
  • Various things can be responsible for rankings drop. Keep an eye on your rankings. If your ranking is declining steadily, most possibly your SEO team is performing irrelevant actions that might get or are getting your site algorithmically penalized. Find out what actually they team is doing. If you experience any suspicious feeling, stop them.
  • A sudden drop in online traffic is again a bad thing that could be a sign of an algorithmic penalty. It might not be your SEO’s fault, but, being suspicious; you should ask them and find out any algorithm changes that could have resulted in traffic decline. Also check what changes have been made to your site in the past few days leading up the fall. Overall, find out the exact picture of what actions have been taken by your hired SEO firm.
  • Be clear with your target keywords. You should have an idea about how your keywords are driving traffic or ranking in the search engine result pages. You really need to be cautious if your site is gaining traffic from wrong keywords or if your site ranking stop or declines for those highly ranked keywords. Your purpose of hiring an SEO team is to earn targeted traffic. So, if, for any reason, the traffic is derived from random or suspicious queries, it could be a sign of indiscriminate or careless work of the team.

The success of your online business is based on the SEO. Therefore, it is very important to hand over the project the best SEO Company. Being truly concerned about your business, give SEO proper attention and asset it deserves.

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Tips to Dig up the Right SEO Company


In today’s era, people normally use the internet to find out any sort of information. They navigate through the search engines to find out the any sort of detail they require. This shows how important internet is, and being a website owner, you can imagine what magic a search engine traffic can do. With professional efforts, you can create a search engine friendly website. But, the question here arises is how to find out the best SEO company. Choosing an SEO professional, alike choosing other service providers, is not at all a tough job. You only need to reach to the right place with the right questions. Let’s go through the ample checklist that can help you get your task done with less hassle. Find out the company’s-

Own Website – Check how is the company’s own web site. Mark out where it stands. A website tells everything about the company. Has the company, you feel the right to hire, done well with its own website? Look quite closely. This will help you know the company’s potential. See the passion, if there is any.

Past Stories – Experience the company’s past success stories. Does it possess the expertise to work on your project? See how long it is in the business. Most importantly, it shouldn’t be an overnight company, and should possess the relevant knowledge and expertise too to handle your website. Scrutinize the past companies it has worked for. The portfolio and the past projects can help you get a clear idea if the company is capable to deliver its promises.

Case Studies – A case study can help you learn how the SEO professionals have worked on a site previously. And how they have helped their previous clients reach the target. Ask the SEO service provider you want to hire, to provide you the case studies of its successful projects taken up previously. Moreover, you can also do a research on your own and learn where the company’s past clients stand and how they feature on the leading search engines.

Affiliations and Memberships – Check the company’s affiliation and membership, and see if it is certified. Also check if it is associated with, and is recognized by the respected authorities in the arena. If the company is honest, it will be backed by various acknowledgements.

Basis of Contact – Most preferably interact with the company in real. Meeting the real people will help you judge the level of knowledge and expertise the company possess. It will also help you understand their way of working and approaching various campaigns, the way of managing their projects and most importantly, what they do to reach the target of the algorithms.

Career – Navigate the company’s career section. See what kind of people they hire. Going through this section, you will be able to learn the company’s quality staff and their work culture. Does it go with your work culture? The answer to this will help you take the right decision.

Packages – Explore what other service packages do the company you want to hire has to offer. See whether the services are comprehensive and latest as per today’s industry standards. After all it is about getting the value for your hard earned money.

Testimonials and References – Go through the testimonials and see what the previous clients have to say about the company. Not only testimonials also navigate online and look for the negative comments on the social media sites or consumer forums. This can be viewed on the first few pages of the leading search engines.

Time and Involvement – Make sure how much time and involvement is required from your end. Once your goals and the ways to achieve them are sorted, examine if the company be able to function on its own or you will need to monitor them at all the time.

Other Marketing Services – Explore what other marketing services the company has to offer. We are in the age of active internet marketing. Today, it is very important to hire someone that is capable to meet each single requirement.

Moreover, never pre-judge any company just by word of mouth or on the basis of how its website looks. A little homework and the above mentioned words can help you make a smart decision. Depending on the changes of search engine algorithms, the SEO Company ensures that your website is well maintained and up-to-date. Keep in touch with the periodic reports and monitor your campaign on a regular basis. Not to forget, SEO needs sufficient time and patience. Therefore, it is key to plan achievable goals and keep reasonable expectations.

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Tracking Down the Best SEO Company


People mostly navigate through internet to fulfill their day-to-day needs – whether it is about shopping, booking tickets, or any other queries they require to sort out. This shows how important search engine optimization is, in today’s era. If you own a website, you might be aware of the magic that search engine traffic can play out to your success. And, to get a search engine friendly website, you require to have necessary professional efforts.

Moreover, when it comes to tracking down an SEO company, choosing the best firm is similar to choosing other professional service providers. It would not be tough if you walk down to the right places with the right questions. Let’s get here a thorough agenda that can help you track down the perfect SEO service provider.

Check out the company’s own websites. Passion can be viewed easily. See if the company’s own website is up to the mark, and tells you everything that can prove to be your best choice. Navigate through the website very accurately, as this would make you learn the company’s capabilities.

Keep your eye out the company’s previous stories. Are the companies you have short listed, having the expertise? Go through their past stories and get an answer to this question. Find out what companies or websites they have worked for. It is very important to ensure that the SEO firm you want to hire is not an overnight company and it has enough experience that is relevant to handle your project. The portfolio and past projects the company has worked on, would give you a clear picture if the company is capable to deliver you the accuracy you require.

Go through the company’s successful ventures. Rather than considering just words, let the company provide you a detailed study of the projects they have taken up successfully. A case study can make you learn how exactly the company works on a website, and how it helps the clients reach their target. Do a research on your own and see where the company’s past clients stand on the search engines.

Take account of the company’s affiliations and memberships. It is crucial to check that the SEO firm you want to hire is professionally certified and is also associated with the reputable authorities in the industry. Find out if the company is recognizable by the top most authorities.

Plan out the right time to contact the company. Having a word in person will help you learn the company’s knowledge, and professionalism. In person communication will help you know the company’s style of working, its way of managing projects, its way of approaching other companies, plus what makes them stand ahead of the algorithms.

Examine the company’s career section. Going though the company’s career section, you will be able to learn what sort of quality staff, they work with and also their work culture that should be suitable to your work culture as well.

Look into the company’s packages. Research what sort of packages you are offered. It is key that the company you hire offers you the latest, comprehensive SEO services. After all, it’s about getting your value for money.

Get a load of the company’s references and testimonials. Go through the testimonials, see what the past clients have to say about the company. Actually, not only testimonials, also check out online through consumer forums or any social media sites, if the company is having any negative comments or not.

Study the level of involvement the company would need. Have a word with the company and check out how much time and involvement they require from your side. The team of SEO should be able to function on their own, once your goals and ways to achieve them are clear. Check if you really need to monitor them constantly or they can manage on their own.

Run over other marketing services the company offer. What sort of other marketing service the company has to offer? Today, it is very important to hire a company that can meet any sort of your requirement. After all, we are in the age of active internet marketing.

And finally, don’t just consider any company on the basis of word of mouth or its website. It is for sure important to pick the best SEO company keeping the above listed checklist in mind. Search engine algorithm changes frequently. Hence, your picked SEO team should be capable enough to ensure that your website is always up-to-date and maintained well. Most importantly, keep a watch on the periodic reports. This would help you to monitor your SEO campaign. Always remember, SEO needs both, time and patience. Therefore, keep achievable goals and fair expectations while finalizing the best one.

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Why SEO Is Not A ‘Set And Forget’ Tactic?


Search engine optimization, being not a set and forget trick, don’t allow you to sit back after hiring an SEO company Toronto and expect a huge traffic at your website. Contents, algorithms, and the online marketing methods change frequently, and this makes SEO more complicated. Thus, to get an effective SEO service you need the masterminds of both – you, as a client and an agency.

The lack of an effective strategy is most likely to harm your growth and success. Let’s see why:

SEO is a combination of various Tricks, strategies and Researches. This combination is important to prove that your website showcase high-quality information and deserves to be ranked high in the search engines. Content marketing plays a key role here. A good SEO strategy consists of extensive research of keywords, on-page optimization, link earning and creation of a genuine social media presence. It is not like shooting fish in a barrel. You need a professional team of SEO.

You know your business better than anybody else. The SEO company you hire will provide you expert advice to rank your service or product high in search engines, utilizing accurate keywords and marketing tactics. Provide fresh, accurate and up-to-date news about your industry to the SEO team. This knowledge will help them bring success utilizing content together with online marketing strategies. Also educate them about your business, the specific services your company offer, or any new product or service you might offer in the near future.

Industries keep on changing. Technology changes frequently, hence the strategies you successfully worked with previously, might not work today. It is therefore important to modify your SEO company Toronto to prepare content and AdWords campaign, according to the new technology or services.

Most important, keep your SEO strategies refined and modified with up-to-date news relevant to your industry or business, that can help you invite more and more traffic, and make visitors stick to your website.

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How To YouTube Search Engine Optimization


YouTube marketing is something business owners generally don’t prefer to spend enough time on. Being third largest website worldwide, you should give some time to YouTube SEO. It can provide unlimited possibilities of traffic and can also give a grand opportunity of acquiring targeted traffic, as visitors find the videos they are interested in just by entering special keywords.

YouTube Search engine optimization Toronto has some key strategies.

Use accurate keywords for the videos. You can’t use any keywords or any topic in your video. So, check out different keywords and find out which keywords lead the video on the first page. Ranking of YouTube videos differ from Google ranking factors. Ones you understand the ranking factors, you will understand how you can optimize your video in the best way. Also, concentrate on making your video as interesting as possible to make people like and share it with others.

Display call to action button. Beneficially, YouTube allows you to add a CTA (call to action) button. This will help the visitors to visit your website, view other videos uploaded in your website and share the interested clips on social media network.

Summarize the video with to the point information. The summery should only contain the information about video content and the points viewers will get to learn from the video. Do insert a few keywords and your website URL into your summery. Remember, never make the summery lengthy, as people will be visiting the website to watch the video and not to read any content.

Give your video a good title. Do use a keyword in your title. Make it short and informative. The characters in the title should be countable and only describe what the visitors will get to see in the video. Don’t let them click the “dislike” button. If people disappointingly do so, the number of dislikes may spoil your company’s reputation.

The techniques listed above for YouTube search engine optimization Toronto might be sufficient to help you build your company’s brand by bringing traffic to your website.

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Know How SEO Can Support Branding


While building a business, standing in front of audiences is just a beginning of the battle. People might not get satisfied with your brand name only, but would rather prefer to see if they can trust you and if you can serve them, whatever they need. The SEO company Toronto can work on this, by improvising your search visibility as well as by creating an appealing brand. Let’s see how an SEO can contribute towards branding.

SEO can  build brand awareness. Brand awareness speaks about how broadly your customers recognize and understand your brand. The people will only consider buying from you, if they are familiar with your brand. Your SEO company holds up your brand awareness by bringing your name in front of the people. Getting higher search ranking means more visitors are exploring your brand. People mostly remember those brands that appear in the top most search results. Therefore, a successful SEO result is not only having higher ranking and increasingly more visitors, but also a greater brand awareness. i.e. more and more visitors getting familiar with your company.

SEO supports your brand by choosing keywords carefully. The main goal, as a brand should be to communicate with certain customers. SEO supports certain branding goals by choosing keywords, – the key aspects – carefully. For a good branding you need to use certain vocabulary that can specify the expertise and values of your brand. An SEO company will choose appropriate words and phrases according to your branding vocabulary, while selecting keywords. These keywords will support the value of your brand and will also reflect your customer’s needs. Hence, your brand will be accurately recognized, and this will bring in more and more website visitors, who are searching for your offers.

There are still different ways an SEO company Toronto can utilize to support your branding. SEO and branding both are more closely linked to each other. So, by hiring an SEO company, you will not make a better SEO and also a better branding.

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